001: Nancy Jensen on Women in Career Transitions

Nancy Jensen is CEO and co-founder of The Swing Shift, an organization that works to advance and enhance women’s roles in the modern workplace. Nancy started her career at International Data Corporation, where she opened businesses on both coasts. At Microsoft, she helped launch products at Microsoft, including SharePoint. She worked as an instructor at UW’s PCEO Software Product Management program. She serves as an account director with Sterling Communications, where she works on market introduction strategies for technology companies. Several years ago, Nancy chose to “swing” out of her career for 5 years to care for her small children and aging parents. As a result of her transition and the lessons learned, she believing that women shouldn’t be penalized for taking care of their families and is now committed to getting the 43% of women who take career breaks back into the workforce on their own terms. The Swing Shift seeks to empower women with the essential skills, strategies and mindset for today’s workplace. In this episode, Nancy joins me to discuss:


  • How imposter syndrome contributes to women doubting their own skills
  • The lack of services to support women who wish to work and care for their families
  • The emotional strain on women as they consider leaving their careers
  • The impact on a women’s social handle when she leaves the workforce
  • The myth of being able to do it all
  • How women get back to work on their own terms
  • Helpful advice for women going through career transitions
  • The work of internal discernment and listening to your life
  • The courage to invest in yourself


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000: Introducing Life Through Transitions

Jon is the host of this weekly podcast, Life Through Transitions, where each episode aims to help listeners navigate life’s biggest changes. He is the executive director and life transition guide at Liminal Space, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping others find the courage and means to navigate major life transition. He spends his days guiding 1×1 transition coaching and counseling sessions, leading transition groups called PIER groups, and facilitating learning workshops that teach transition skills at The PIER Learning Center at Liminal Space.

In this episode, Jon introduces you to the intent of this podcast, Life Through Transitions. He discusses how major changes in life disrupt our stories by introducing difficult emotions, challenging questions and difficult choices to make. He explores how the “tool” of transition helps people get through major life change. Transition is a discipline that can be learned to help us become more wholehearted people, no matter what circumstance we face.


Show Notes: