042: Finding life through stage 4 breast cancer with Heather Abbott

Heather Abbott is a speaker, therapist, storyteller, gardener, beloved wife, and mother of three busy daughters. In the fall of 2017 she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and spent the next 9 months in full time treatment. She is now cancer-free and spending her time with her kids, writing her books, and speaking about the power of hope in dark places. Join us this week as Heather takes us on her journey of finding out she had cancer, being a mother and being a cancer survivor.

  • Recognizing your value from where you came from
  • An extended, extended leave
  • Pioneer women did the Oregon trail, you can do this!
  • You can grab onto those, and believe those
  • It’s a complex cocktail
  • That’s not going to help me
  • I took the dumb and dumber approach
  • Not minimizing that this is hard
  • We are going into our nomans land
  • Not all the light has come back

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041: Finding dreams after traumatic loss with Jessie Owens

Jessie is an adventurous, spirited, silly person whose path was traumatically interrupted in 2012 when a tree fell on her family car while on a family vacation. As a result, she lost both of her parents and became a quadriplegic at the C-3, C-4 level. After the accident, Jessie began the long journey to figure out how to do life and where she fit in again. For the first two years she focused solely on her body and regaining as much function as she could. But Jessie wanted more than simply being alive; she wanted to be more than just a broken vessel in constant need of maintenance. She wanted a life, and set out to create one. Join us this week as Jessie walks us through her challenging and inspiring journey of transition:


  • I think I kind of knew
  • Teach you how to live again
  • I am not interested in wearing diapers forever
  • I was sobbing because I didn’t have hot french fries
  • I had breakdowns
  • I was scared to be alone because my nightmares were strong
  • Fight the demons
  • Let’s Stand Up!
  • Foot, here. Other foot, there.
  • I don’t know if my body is capable of this
  • I needed help
  • Can I even have that story back?
  • It’s either going to green light or red
  • I just want that experience
  • I can do it, and I do it
  • It’s always felt like a day by day experience
  • We all step into it with equal feet
  • I’m really proud of myself

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040: Creating a sense of home with Haifa Alhussieni

Haifa Fakih Alhussieni was born in Beirut, Lebanon on November 21, 1967, the fourth of eight children. Haifa started her career as an interior designer after graduating from Lebanese American University in 1992. Then, she opened a recruiting agency with her brother in 1996. In 1997, she met her Husband, Nabil Alhussieni, and moved to Livonia, Michigan where she had her first child, and then her second after moving to California. After staying home with her two children for four years, Haifa and her husband decided to open a Tax business, Liberty Tax Service, where she gained an in-depth understanding of taxes. Four years later they moved to Washington and started a new venture, Café Louvre. In this episode, Haifa walks us through her journey of starting her latest business, and how it has morphed into more than just a coffee shop. Join us this week as we discuss:

  • I don’t know how to be an employee
  • An instinct that we needed to have our own business
  • I didn’t care about the coffee part
  • If it doesn’t work, we won’t do it again
  • This is my baby
  • Sometimes I smother people, it’s intuitive
  • Hiring the right people, with realistic expectations
  • Age is a big deal for us
  • It’s all in the details
  • Dedication Wall-for the people we love
  • It’s not an office space, it’s a living room
  • Not making a scene in my place
  • I always see it as half full

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Company: Cafe Louvre

Website:Cafe Louvre Edmonds

039: Finding Perspective While Fighting Breast Cancer with Anne Sugar

Anne Sugar is an executive coach and speaker who has advised top leaders at companies including TripAdvisor, Sanofi Genzyme, and Havas. Anne serves as an executive coach for Harvard Business School Executive Education and has guest lectured at MIT. She is also a contributor to Harvard Business Review and Inc. She managed media planning for Fortune 500 clients including General Motors, Federal Express, and Delta. She draws on her extensive management experience, as well as her in-depth training in coaching methodology to advise senior executives and high performers transitioning into leadership roles. Throughout this episode Anne walks us through her experience of finding out she had breast cancer after a routine mammogram, and how she navigated through that. Join us this week as we discuss:


  • I didn’t see as much creativity anymore
  • I wasn’t listening to my gut
  • Transitions are messy, leadership is messy
  • I don’t think those are my x-rays
  • You have to listen to the things that start to prepare you
  • Some people want privacy
  • Finding perspective
  • Neither one is good or bad
  • It’s Messy
  • We have a culture of empathy, but it’s still a business
  • Come On! Get Going!
  • Leadership can be very lonely

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Twitter @aasugar

038: Keeping your eyes on the prize with Tammy Gooler Loeb

In her 20 years as a career and executive coach, facilitator and speaker, Tammy Gooler Loeb has inspired people to love their work. She deeply believes that people owe it to themselves to be happy at work and that everyone can be a leader regardless of their role within an organization. Her practice focuses on career and executive coaching, workplace communication, leadership, and team development in a wide range of sectors and industries. Her podcast, Work From The Inside Out, showcases the stories and practical lessons from people who have found satisfying and meaningful work. Tammy walks us through an early career transition while in her 20s and how she persisted patiently in pursuit of work she loved. Join us this week as we discuss:

  • Don’t just get a job, get a life
  • I had a path
  • Make it work as long as I could
  • Where does the money come from?
  • I needed to process something
  • It was what it was
  • Dot Com didn’t exist
  • Call that a leap of faith
  • It checks off most of the boxes
  • Parking your ego
  • Listening to the inside
  • It’s an active patience

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Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/TammyGoolerLoebCoachin/ https://www.facebook.com/TammyGL




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037:Facing your Inner Critic during a Career Transition with Susan Peppercorn

Susan is a writer for Harvard Business Review and has published in Fast Company and Thrive Global. Her articles and workshops cover managing yourself in the workplace and career development and have included topics such as overcoming the fear of failure, managing career-envy, taking control of your onboarding and conquering self-doubt. Susan is certified as an executive coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and as a positive psychology coach by Positive Acorn and the Whole Being Institute. Susan is the author of Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work: Evidenced-Based Strategies to thrive in Your Career. In it she makes a compelling case that career satisfaction―and the full engagement that comes with it―is more important than ever in today’s workplace. Her book is a step-by-step guide to help you develop the tools and resources you need to bring more happiness and satisfaction to your work; in your current job or a new one. In this episode, Susan shares from one of her more significant career transitions, and how she moved through it with courage and vulnerability. Join us as we discuss:


  • Stop and reward yourself
  • Training your brain to be positive
  • Needing an outside perspective
  • I did not like the industry
  • I don’t recommend they do what I did
  • It really wasn’t part of my job description
  • There is something here in this for me
  • Transition is where the gold is
  • If you tend to worry
  • You have to change the inside before you can execute on the outside
  • That went pretty well,this is what I’ve learned
  • Don’t try to do it by yourself
  • Beautiful Enemy
  • Make a Fear Plan

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Company:Positive Workplace Partners

Website: http://positiveworkplacepartners.com/





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036: Discover the Enneagram with Laurie Proctor and Jean Masukevich

Laurie Proctor and Jean Musukevich are co-founders of SOWthat Inc., a transformational and integrative coaching organization that focuses on conscious living and the connection between mind, body and spirit in our personal and professional lives. Before launching SOWthat, Laurie spent more than 25 years in progressive roles within the technology sector in the areas of business development, marketing, management and human talent and acquisition. Before SOWthat, Jean spent over 20 years as a special education teacher, Christ-centered yoga instructor and trauma guide for adults and children affected by cancer. This week’s episode helps our listeners prepare for the Enneagram workshop happening on March 16th at The Pier Learning Center. Join us this week as we discuss:

  • I felt like they were putting me in a box
  • It shows your shadow side
  • Using the power of this soul map
  • It comes from a deep place of justice and advocacy
  • You’re kind of crunchy on the outside
  • I am the lightkeeper, I feel my way through the world
  • Wait a minute, I have a need
  • The doorway to get back home
  • Live in the fullness of who’ve been created to be
  • Think of a three-legged stool
  • That’s my unconcious message
  • Waking up to what you have fallen asleep to
  • Learning to access heart-center
  • Doing it with grace, ease, beauty and light
  • It changes our relationship in profound ways
  • You can’t have comfort and growth simultaneously

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The Road Back to You

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Enneagram Institute

Enneagram Personality Assessment

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Company and Website: Company: SOWthat

035: The opportunity to risk after major loss with Jon and Sharon DeWaal

Jon and Sharon have been happily married for 42 1/2 years, raised five children in Michigan, have 14 grandchildren, and currently live in Braselton, Georgia. Jon serves as Director of Education at Eagle Ranch in Flowery Branch, Georgia, a therapeutic/counseling residential treatment center for at-risk youth and their families. Sharon serves part-time as Patient Service Manager at Choices Pregnancy Care Center in Gainesville, Georgia, a non-profit ministry helping provide health services and resources to men and women. Jon and Sharon provide a beautiful story of a season of profound loss (loved one and employment) and an opportunity to take a huge leap of faith. Listen as we discuss:

  • The transition of an economic downturn
  • The rug was being pulled out from under my feet
  • All in five minutes
  • A little change?
  • A unique opportunity to get away
  • I won’t forget that pause
  • I had the 95 but I needed that 5%
  • Let’s do this
  • This is overwhelming
  • New Normal
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • Living on the edge of fear all the time
  • Just say “Si or no”
  • You have to take the first step
  • Putting two prayers together
  • A whole new unknown

034:The power of a major life transition with Jon DeWaal and Hillary Augustine

Jon DeWaal serves as the Executive Director and life transition guide at Liminal Space. Throughout his personal life and professional career, Jon has discovered that handling transition well will allow for a deeper and more fulfilling life. Hillary Augustine is a financial alchemist and energetic force for transformation, especially for those navigating change and transition. Hillary brings fresh air and life to all that she encounters. She has blended together a Masters in Accounting from the University of South Florida, a Masters in Counseling from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and a Mixology Certificate from ABC Bartending School. She consults and teaches on a wide range of areas – including: money, values, organizational strategy, and expanded thought. Her brilliance infuses everything around her as she ignites and transmutes fresh understanding into everyday realities. Jon and Hillary will be facilitating a workshop called Navigate Transitions: Learn to guide your life with the Currency Paradigm on March 2nd. In today’s episode, Hillary and Jon will be discussing the transformative power of all life transitions, if we learn to wait and listen to how they are forming us. In this episode, they will be exploring:

  • What is transition?
  • Listening on the heart level; it’s not just the fragmented pieces
  • Get me out of this unknown
  • The four currencies
  • Mono-Currency
  • Open up your perspective
  • How have you utilized the 7 different dimensions?
  • Rooted in reality
  • What Ecosystem are we building?
  • To see at a greater level

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On March 2nd, Hillary and Jon will be leading a workshop called: Navigate Transitions: Learn to guide your life with the Currency Paradigm.  Click on the link to learn more and sign up today.

Contact Hillary and Jon

Website: inaliminalspace.org and hillaryaugustine.com

Email: jon@inaliminalspace.org and hillary@hillaryaugustine.com





033: Lessons from a Film Producer on Waiting for a Next with Jason Pamer

Jason Pamer is the producer and writer of the theatrically-released film, “The Heart of Man” — which can now be viewed on Netflix and all other transactional platforms. He also produced and wrote the critically acclaimed documentary, Rape for Profit which was Executive Produced by Jada Pinkett Smith and can now be viewed on iTunes. He’s the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of www.northwood.io, a media company that connects and contextualizes peer reviewed research in academia into industry. Jason also serves as executive producer and co-founder of www.heartofmanjourney.com, which helps people go back into their stories and listen to their moments of pain and abuse in order to understand their current plight. He currently has a number of shows and films in development. He lives in Seattle, WA with his Greek wife and two kids. Throughout this week’s episode, Jason walks us through his continuous transitional journey in both life and the film industry and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Join us this week as we discuss:

  • My land and my people
  • I told her to trust me
  • What do you want in life
  • Having an internal dialog
  • I don’t want to be inconvenient
  • It’s for the benefit of your ship, and the ships behind you
  • I’ve gotten out of this 10 times before
  • It’s the swells that make the storm and the story
  • The trek through the wasteland
  • Its music and driving west

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The Heart of Man

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Company: www.northwood.io