047: Building community during a tough transition with Michael O’Brien

Michael O’Brien is a sales and marketing executive business coach who helps leaders understand their internal feelings of worry and doubt so they can achieve success for themselves and their teams. Before starting his executive coaching firm, Peloton Coaching and Consulting, Michael spent over two decades in the pharmaceutical and bio industry in roles that ranged from sales to marketing to executive leadership.Before launching into his coaching career, Michael experienced a life-altering event that ruptured his worldview. On July 11th, 2001, he was struck head-on by a speeding SUV while out on a training bike ride. Now, Michael considers shares his journey from being a human doer to a human being in his bestselling memoir, Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows. All the proceeds from the book go to the World Bicycle Relief.

Join us this week as we discuss:

  • Who am I today?
  • Living the script
  • The helmet saved my life
  • You lived for a reason
  • Man’s search for meaning
  • From victim to victor
  • My last bad day
  • Pedal stroke by pedal stroke
  • Bathroom humor
  • Hospital Branding
  • It’s not a solo project
  • Our lawn needs mowed
  • 3 types of people
  • I have forgiven them

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