045: Retirement and finding your origin story with Brian Jaeger

Brian Jaeger’s mission is supporting the dignity of good work. He brings a legacy of entrepreneurialism, career development, and transformation-centered work to his company, InsideWorks. His career highlights include business partnerships, I.T. leadership training, teaching, championing business incubators and influencing over 500 startup businesses. Launched in 2012, InsideWorks was awarded the 2016 Washington State Small Firm of the Year award for achievement championing people living with a disability to become self-employed. Since 2016 he has been researching and scratching out content for a book with a working title: What’s Your Retirementality? A Guide for Individuals and Companies. He supports individuals by helping them thrive in the next chapter of their life, and works with companies who do not want to lose their brain trust when employees break away. Brian is fanatical about motivating individuals to thrive through work that matters. During this week’s episode, Brian talks about the importance of finding your origin story as as you approach retirement. Join us as we discuss:

  • We abandoned that, because of transition
  • It was a silent experience
  • There was a necessity, not a passion
  • Every transition is unique
  • It’s loneliness
  • Water cooler conversations
  • I had this ‘A-ha’
  • Enlightened self-interest
  • Best thing we can do is stop and reflect
  • A period of tension
  • Embracing limitations
  • Boredom
  • Gratitude in the moment
  • Seed, water, plant, nurture
  • We’re all in this together

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