042: Finding life through stage 4 breast cancer with Heather Abbott

Heather Abbott is a speaker, therapist, storyteller, gardener, beloved wife, and mother of three busy daughters. In the fall of 2017 she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and spent the next 9 months in full time treatment. She is now cancer-free and spending her time with her kids, writing her books, and speaking about the power of hope in dark places. Join us this week as Heather takes us on her journey of finding out she had cancer, being a mother and being a cancer survivor.

  • Recognizing your value from where you came from
  • An extended, extended leave
  • Pioneer women did the Oregon trail, you can do this!
  • You can grab onto those, and believe those
  • It’s a complex cocktail
  • That’s not going to help me
  • I took the dumb and dumber approach
  • Not minimizing that this is hard
  • We are going into our nomans land
  • Not all the light has come back

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