041: Finding dreams after traumatic loss with Jessie Owens

Jessie is an adventurous, spirited, silly person whose path was traumatically interrupted in 2012 when a tree fell on her family car while on a family vacation. As a result, she lost both of her parents and became a quadriplegic at the C-3, C-4 level. After the accident, Jessie began the long journey to figure out how to do life and where she fit in again. For the first two years she focused solely on her body and regaining as much function as she could. But Jessie wanted more than simply being alive; she wanted to be more than just a broken vessel in constant need of maintenance. She wanted a life, and set out to create one. Join us this week as Jessie walks us through her challenging and inspiring journey of transition:


  • I think I kind of knew
  • Teach you how to live again
  • I am not interested in wearing diapers forever
  • I was sobbing because I didn’t have hot french fries
  • I had breakdowns
  • I was scared to be alone because my nightmares were strong
  • Fight the demons
  • Let’s Stand Up!
  • Foot, here. Other foot, there.
  • I don’t know if my body is capable of this
  • I needed help
  • Can I even have that story back?
  • It’s either going to green light or red
  • I just want that experience
  • I can do it, and I do it
  • It’s always felt like a day by day experience
  • We all step into it with equal feet
  • I’m really proud of myself

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