040: Creating a sense of home with Haifa Alhussieni

Haifa Fakih Alhussieni was born in Beirut, Lebanon on November 21, 1967, the fourth of eight children. Haifa started her career as an interior designer after graduating from Lebanese American University in 1992. Then, she opened a recruiting agency with her brother in 1996. In 1997, she met her Husband, Nabil Alhussieni, and moved to Livonia, Michigan where she had her first child, and then her second after moving to California. After staying home with her two children for four years, Haifa and her husband decided to open a Tax business, Liberty Tax Service, where she gained an in-depth understanding of taxes. Four years later they moved to Washington and started a new venture, Café Louvre. In this episode, Haifa walks us through her journey of starting her latest business, and how it has morphed into more than just a coffee shop. Join us this week as we discuss:

  • I don’t know how to be an employee
  • An instinct that we needed to have our own business
  • I didn’t care about the coffee part
  • If it doesn’t work, we won’t do it again
  • This is my baby
  • Sometimes I smother people, it’s intuitive
  • Hiring the right people, with realistic expectations
  • Age is a big deal for us
  • It’s all in the details
  • Dedication Wall-for the people we love
  • It’s not an office space, it’s a living room
  • Not making a scene in my place
  • I always see it as half full

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