037:Facing your Inner Critic during a Career Transition with Susan Peppercorn

Susan is a writer for Harvard Business Review and has published in Fast Company and Thrive Global. Her articles and workshops cover managing yourself in the workplace and career development and have included topics such as overcoming the fear of failure, managing career-envy, taking control of your onboarding and conquering self-doubt. Susan is certified as an executive coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and as a positive psychology coach by Positive Acorn and the Whole Being Institute. Susan is the author of Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work: Evidenced-Based Strategies to thrive in Your Career. In it she makes a compelling case that career satisfaction―and the full engagement that comes with it―is more important than ever in today’s workplace. Her book is a step-by-step guide to help you develop the tools and resources you need to bring more happiness and satisfaction to your work; in your current job or a new one. In this episode, Susan shares from one of her more significant career transitions, and how she moved through it with courage and vulnerability. Join us as we discuss:


  • Stop and reward yourself
  • Training your brain to be positive
  • Needing an outside perspective
  • I did not like the industry
  • I don’t recommend they do what I did
  • It really wasn’t part of my job description
  • There is something here in this for me
  • Transition is where the gold is
  • If you tend to worry
  • You have to change the inside before you can execute on the outside
  • That went pretty well,this is what I’ve learned
  • Don’t try to do it by yourself
  • Beautiful Enemy
  • Make a Fear Plan

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