036: Discover the Enneagram with Laurie Proctor and Jean Masukevich

Laurie Proctor and Jean Musukevich are co-founders of SOWthat Inc., a transformational and integrative coaching organization that focuses on conscious living and the connection between mind, body and spirit in our personal and professional lives. Before launching SOWthat, Laurie spent more than 25 years in progressive roles within the technology sector in the areas of business development, marketing, management and human talent and acquisition. Before SOWthat, Jean spent over 20 years as a special education teacher, Christ-centered yoga instructor and trauma guide for adults and children affected by cancer. This week’s episode helps our listeners prepare for the Enneagram workshop happening on March 16th at The Pier Learning Center. Join us this week as we discuss:

  • I felt like they were putting me in a box
  • It shows your shadow side
  • Using the power of this soul map
  • It comes from a deep place of justice and advocacy
  • You’re kind of crunchy on the outside
  • I am the lightkeeper, I feel my way through the world
  • Wait a minute, I have a need
  • The doorway to get back home
  • Live in the fullness of who’ve been created to be
  • Think of a three-legged stool
  • That’s my unconcious message
  • Waking up to what you have fallen asleep to
  • Learning to access heart-center
  • Doing it with grace, ease, beauty and light
  • It changes our relationship in profound ways
  • You can’t have comfort and growth simultaneously

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