034:The power of a major life transition with Jon DeWaal and Hillary Augustine

Jon DeWaal serves as the Executive Director and life transition guide at Liminal Space. Throughout his personal life and professional career, Jon has discovered that handling transition well will allow for a deeper and more fulfilling life. Hillary Augustine is a financial alchemist and energetic force for transformation, especially for those navigating change and transition. Hillary brings fresh air and life to all that she encounters. She has blended together a Masters in Accounting from the University of South Florida, a Masters in Counseling from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and a Mixology Certificate from ABC Bartending School. She consults and teaches on a wide range of areas – including: money, values, organizational strategy, and expanded thought. Her brilliance infuses everything around her as she ignites and transmutes fresh understanding into everyday realities. Jon and Hillary will be facilitating a workshop called Navigate Transitions: Learn to guide your life with the Currency Paradigm on March 2nd. In today’s episode, Hillary and Jon will be discussing the transformative power of all life transitions, if we learn to wait and listen to how they are forming us. In this episode, they will be exploring:

  • What is transition?
  • Listening on the heart level; it’s not just the fragmented pieces
  • Get me out of this unknown
  • The four currencies
  • Mono-Currency
  • Open up your perspective
  • How have you utilized the 7 different dimensions?
  • Rooted in reality
  • What Ecosystem are we building?
  • To see at a greater level

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On March 2nd, Hillary and Jon will be leading a workshop called: Navigate Transitions: Learn to guide your life with the Currency Paradigm.  Click on the link to learn more and sign up today.

Contact Hillary and Jon

Website: inaliminalspace.org and hillaryaugustine.com

Email: jon@inaliminalspace.org and hillary@hillaryaugustine.com





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