031:The importance of taking a pause in your career with Karen Walker

Decades ago, Karen helped create the (then) fastest growing company in American history: Compaq Computer. After working at Compaq for fourteen years, she left to begin Oneteam.

She now serves as an executive advisor and consultant to CEOs and senior organization leaders to grow their companies — with outcomes including IPOs, acquisitions, market share increases, and dramatic leadership development. Karen’s work has enabled sustained growth in a multitude of companies, from startups to Fortune 500 firms, including Aetna and BMC Software. Karen rose quickly in her leadership at Compaq. After 14 years, she decided to pause from the intense pace of her life and career. It was during this time that she asked some key questions tied to her identity, purpose and joy. Join us this week as we discuss:

  • None of this was planned
  • I have nothing to lose here
  • Wow! This is amazing!
  • I can’t not solve a problem
  • Finding internal change
  • What do you want to do for the rest of your life?
  • Taking in a new perspective
  • Greater than the small self
  • Foundation of credibility
  • Before you leave, find ways to explore
  • Be intentional before you leap
  • Get really clear about your “why”

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