029: Getting out of debt with Andrea Ide

Money influences most major life stages and seasons of transition. This was true for Andrea Ide and her growing family. In January 2010, Andrea and her husband, Andy, found themselves at the end of their ropes when it came to personal finances. They were $56,000 in debt with no idea how to get out from under it short of winning the lottery. They desperately wanted to buy a house, but didn’t qualify for a loan because their debt to income ratio was too high. They are smart people (much of their debt was from the grad degrees that they each have), but didn’t know what to do when it came to money. After 30 months of scraping and intentional spending, Andrea and Andy were able to pay off their debt as well as save enough money for a down payment for their first home. Join us this week as Andrea walks us through her process of getting out of debt and these other great topics:

  • Disruption of finances is a large transition
  • Only business majors need personal finance
  • It’s a matter of wanting it
  • Keeping perspective: A date vs. someday
  • We ate so much rice and beans
  • Look at what we’ve done
  • It takes sacrifice
  • Telling your money where its going to go
  • Write it down
  • Its okay to talk about money

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Website: idealpersonalfinancecoaching.com

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