028: How career transitions affect your identity and sense of purpose with Al Erisman

Al Erisman is a writer, speaker, and board member for multiple organizations. He is also the executive editor of Ethix magazine (www.ethix.org). In 2017, he completed 17 years as Executive in Residence in the School of Business, Government, and Economics at Seattle Pacific University, where he taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in business, ethics, and technology. He remains on emeritus status at SPU. From 1969-2001 Al was at The Boeing Company, beginning as an applied mathematics researcher. During his last 11 years at Boeing he was the director of R&D for technology and mathematics, managing a staff of 250 computer scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. During this episode, Al takes us on his journey through various career and life transitions. Join us as we discuss:

  • I wonder what it’ll be like in 20 years
  • Technology and the world around us
  • Pretty vulnerable and pretty ready
  • Good guys and bad guys and the contribution to both
  • Free to say what I needed to say
  • Tough seasons before great opportunity
  • When you’re in the midst of it
  • The questions
  • Wanting to be constantly learning
  • Preparation for departure
  • It’s for more than just a paycheck
  • Which is more important: this or this?
  • The only problem with working in 1000 different dimensions
  • The lesson of yes
  • You are in the real world
  • Purpose and Meaning: Here’s the link

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