027: From victim to hero while married to an alcoholic with Ruth Seidel

Ruth Seidel is a pastor at Bethany Community Church North in Shoreline, WA. She is fiercely kindhearted and offers a deep well of wisdom to those she walks through life with. One of her passions is serving others through Al-Anon,an organization that comes alongside individuals living with the disruption caused by a loved one who is struggling with alcoholism and addiction. During this episode, Ruth walks us through her own story as a wife and mother and living with an alcoholic husband. Her transition is about the journey from being the victim to becoming the hero of her story. Join us as we discuss:

  • U-Turn career change
  • Transition from victim to hero
  • Figuring and fixing addiction
  • Timer Set; ready to grieve
  • The other life of church basements
  • We’re not like you
  • This has nothing to do with me
  • I’ve said this 1000 times
  • Honestly, we’re selfish people, but grateful
  • We’re not going to be like them
  • Don’t be terminally unique
  • This life also matters
  • There is hope and I’m not alone

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Al Anon

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Company: Bethany Community Church North

Email: ruths@churchbcc.org



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