026: Finding home again after the death of a spouse with Linda Wagner

Linda Wagner has a heart for learning and for the creative arts. She completed a PhD in education with a focus on complex learning, “later in life”. She’s worked in higher education, most recently as the Director of the Center for Learning at Seattle Pacific University, and since leaving that position continues to work with student learning on a consulting basis. Linda has also been involved in the arts community, primarily supporting writers. Among other things, she was the co-director of the Christian Writers Conference at Seattle Pacific University and has worked as an author’s agent, a freelance content development editor, and as a partner in a small publishing firm. As Linda and her husband were entered the retirement years and all they had dreamed it to be, Larry, unexpectedly died shortly after moving from Seattle to Portland. As you can imagine, this was an unimaginable loss for Linda. Join us in this episode as Linda walks us through the painful experience of losing her husband, and the slow journey to rebuild a life and a sense of home.

  • Getting my house in order, literally
  • Welcome Home!
  • Moving forward, unexpectedly
  • Residue of hope
  • We becoming Me
  • Loss of spouse, loss of space
  • The honest heart that God wants for you
  • Saying goodbye to the garage-and the coffee pot
  • Don’t not mention it

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