025: Keeping curious in the second half of life with Gary Barkelow

Gary has been studying and speaking on the subject of calling for 25 years. He is the author of the book, “It’s Your Call”. Founder of The Noble Heart ministry, Gary’s mission is to help people discover the life they were designed to live that brings life to others. He is also adjunct faculty at Colorado Christian University. Before starting The Noble Heart ministry, Gary was on the leadership team and a speaker with Ransomed Heart ministries for seven years. In this episode, Gary offers thoughts about the lessons he is learning about his calling during the second half of life. Join us as we discuss:

  • Connecting the dots
  • Calling and competency is not the same thing
  • Something’s coming, the stream is drying up
  • Desire to be safe, and comfortable
  • This is a great idea, but not here
  • Bias against those who are getting older: Ageism
  • Part of the letting go
  • Father to the fatherless
  • Are you about to jump off a cliff?

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