024: Finding true north when my career was grounded for 8 years with Jeff Andrechyn

Jeff Andrechyn is a Captain for American Airlines. His motto: Travel lightly, but with great purpose. He has a passion to inspire through storytelling and listening to the hearts of others wherever he finds himself – the cockpit, conferences, retreats and especially around the dinner table.

When Jeff was 46 years old, he was working as a captain for US Airways. He had two great kids and a wife he loved. Life was good. One day, Jeff was unable to see out of one eye. The doctors would diagnosis him with Ocular Migraines, which resulted in him losing his job. He would spend the next 8 years grounded, unsure of what to do next or where to turn. Join us this week as Jeff takes us on his journey of losing his job, and finding his “truth north” as a student, teacher, and father:



  • Travel lightly but with great purpose
  • How to navigate when the light goes dark
  • Transitions that sends a pilot spiraling
  • Disruptions happen, let them be hard and quick
  • Qualifying for a transition
  • Putting myself into community in a vulnerable way
  • When you’re in a hard transition, you often feel like you’re the only one…but you’re not
  • Who are you…Really?
  • Helping other get unstuck while still being stuck
  • Sometimes you have to die before you die
  • You’re going to have to learn how to navigate
  • Evaluate yourself
  • Through adversity to the stars

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1 comment on “024: Finding true north when my career was grounded for 8 years with Jeff Andrechyn

  1. Jeff Andrechyn says:

    One point that was covered over was how Jefferson taught Meriwether Lewis how to shoot his longitude by watching the moons (it has 4 moons) position themselves around Jupiter. This is a metaphor for navigating only by the will of God when your maps run out.

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