021: Waiting with the ache of a calling for seven years sucks with Brad Thayer

What am I doing here? Where did I mess up? Is God disappointed with me? Am I really supposed to be working as a pastor? How do I make ends meet? Where’s my niche? Why was I fired? Am I sure this is my calling? Why do I keep getting “no” after “no”? Brad Thayer would be asking all of these questions and many more as he navigated many job changes, career stumbles, 37 job interviews, and great loss spread out over seven years. In this episode, Brad describes his long and painful journey toward finding work that matches his calling and purpose in life. Brad is the lead pastor at the Ballard campus of Bethany Community Church.




Join us this week as we discuss:

  • More builds character
  • A literal come to Jesus moment
  • What am I going to do now?
  • The rule of saying yes
  • Questioning the path of Ministry
  • Spiral of dark times
  • Knowing what you aren’t leads to knowing what you are
  • Each opportunity is hopeful
  • It’s coming to an end
  • Loss compounded by loss
  • You’re not ambiguous
  • The confirmation
  • The mystery package
  • This season feels like home

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Instagram:@bthayer – @bcc_ballard

Twitter: @bthayer – @bcc_balalrd

Website:Bethany Community Church

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