02:01 – How do you live in a risky world?

How do you live in a risky world?  How do you live in a world where “normal” is a state of constant flux? It seems that every day – either in our personal or professional lives, our country or somewhere on the planet – disruptive change is happening.  Even if it’s not directly happening to us – like with a war or natural disaster – we experience it at some level just by reading the news.  And doesn’t it seem like in the last few years the rate of change is speeding up and felt in every facet of life?  Most systems, institutions, societal structures, and governments feel a bit shaky (or a lot!).  No wonder most of us feel uncertain as we look to the future.  In this episode, we explore how to embrace major life change in search of a story worth living and risking for. 

During this episode, Matt mentions the artist and climber, Jeremy Collins who did an animated short called “The Beast.”  You can find the full version on Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/131834761

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