019: Following the “breadcrumbs” of a calling with Shonnie Scott

As Shonnie Scott’s role as a pastor came to a finishing point, she found herself taking a leap of faith towards new and courageous opportunities. In this episode, Shonnie shares her experience with this career transition, and how much it formed her faith and calling. Shonnie’s life-vocation is all about empowering others to flourish in their callings, which she has fulfilled through multiple “God-assignments” over the last three decades. She has served the local church professionally since 1986, most recently spending six and half years as a solo lead pastor, launching the first satellite campus of Bethany Community Church in West Seattle. Out of that experience, she continues to empower women by serving as a pastor, mentor, speaker, and spiritual director to women leaders, pastors and church planters. Because gender justice and racial justice are inseparable, she also serves as a leader of Racial Reconciliation and Justice ministry at Bethany Community Church.


Join us this week as we discuss:

  • The journey of many new transitional seasons
  • Before, during and after
  • Opening the conversation
  • Letting go of one community to grow another
  • A liminal space alive
  • Recognizing exhaustion and having time for self-care
  • Following breadcrumbs lead into a stone pathway
  • Letting yourself be uncomfortable to build courage
  • Building your toolkit with every experience
  • If the door doesn’t open, stop banging on it
  • Traveler, there is no road

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