018: Finding yourself after being fired from your job with Hien DeYoung

Being fired from the job you love is devastating. It is one of the most challenging career transitions a person will go through. And it’s what happened to our guest, Hien DeYoung. Hien’s passion is developing, empowering and inspiring people so they can fulfill their business mission. This is expressed in her work as head of HR, executive coach, and researcher of executive women’s leadership journeys. Her most often used tools are empathy, educated insight, and deep curiosity. Hien is a SHRM credentialed HR executive, and certified executive coach from the Hudson Institute of Coaching. For 20 years she had the privilege of working with CEOs and Founders in head of HR roles building startup and early stage companies that were able to raise $300m in venture funding including an IPO. Her executive and corporate officer experience enables relevant context and insights for her work with CEOs and Executives.

Join us this week as we discuss:

  • Being fired after climbing her “professional Everest”
  • The emotional and mental anguish of feeling betrayed
  • Leading people is a different piece of management
  • Moving through a transition from the future perspective
  • Emotional, spiritual and financial struggle
  • Vacation forces a new environmental transition to recovery
  • Beginning to research and listen: finding her herself and her courage through other women’s stories
  • Baby boomer women are pioneers
  • Breaking into the boys club
  • Recognizing the missing piece after a career transition
  • Success doesn’t come from a degree, it’s about character and courage
  • The importance of taking a leap of faith
  • Transition is a forward momentum, with several steps

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