015: Finding purpose after leaving a cult and the military with Daniella Young

Daniella Young is a motivational speaker, writer, combat veteran, Army wife, Mom, and the founder and CEO of Task Force Art, an intentional team building and purposeful leadership consulting firm. Her “Bullet-Proofed” seminar inspires leaders to proactively engage in building high-passion/high performance teams, strong organizational culture, and a place where diversity and personal strengths are actively cultivated. Daniella’s wisdom on navigating major life transitions comes from her own experience of several challenging transitions including escaping from a cult, leaving the military, and becoming a parent. Join us this week as we discuss:


  • Escaping a cult at the age of 15 and feeling “so, so different” from others
  • What makes you different? Where do I start?
  • Underneath the obsession of getting good grades and excelling to fit in is the longing for connection
  • Tough love: “Daniella, you’re not as different as you think you are.”
  • The similarities between the cult and the military
  • This is what it means to be American
  • Winning the lottery of American privilege
  • Transitioning between post-military and family life
  • The six figure job wasn’t the right calling and purpose
  • Carrying the weight for an entry level position
  • The process and the people: a transition for veterans
  • Avoiding conflict: How companies are doing it wrong
  • Figure out your meaning, your end goal and how to give back
  • Using conflict and creating your victory with vision work
  • Conflict engaged has the power to create community

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