012: Pushing Boundaries while Balancing Expectations and Reality with Craig Detweiler

Craig Detweiler’s background is in filmmaking and screenwriting, and he was recently hired on as the president of a seminary called The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. He and his family uprooted to the Seattle area from Los Angeles, taking on a new challenge both in career and life. Craig works with graduate students who are looking to deepen and broaden their calling and leadership skills, all while trying to transition himself into a new place. He is the author of several books including, Selfies: Searching for the Image of God in a Digital Age and iGods: How Technology Shapes Our Spiritual and Social Lives .


In this episode, Craig shares his experiences of transition that from a young age helped shape his desire to push boundaries. Join us as we discuss:

  • Transition:it’s all material intended for our growth – even if its painful it’s all good
  • Choosing a new career path in an act of hope
  • Seattle in transition- who we are and whose we are
  • The Third Act: Life Drama
  • How the overflow of choices creates a problem
  • All the way back to Florida and the inability to vote
  • Billy Graham and a spiritual crisis, alone in a hotel room
  • Sending self confidence back to 12 year old Craig
  • Wayfinding and welcoming new adventure
  • Screenplay of hope and expectation
  • The already and the not yet
  • Grit and determination are the muscle of resilience
  • The Psalms of Life: Finding hope and love in a new community
  • Transitioning without the invisibility cloak and finding fellowship
  • The risk is worth it


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