010: How a parenting transition led to a calling with Cher Anderton

Cher Anderton was an east coast girl that has become a PNW convert! Cher works as an elementary school counselor in the Shoreline, WA, as well as licensed therapist in her private practice. She works with women adolescent age and older, and primarily focuses on trauma and parent coaching. Cher is a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Her biggest passion and calling is helping parents and individuals move through life in healthier, more connected ways.

Cher has four kids, ages 11-17, including a son she and her husband adopted from foster care when he was almost 8. In this episode, Cher shares about her son’s adoption and how the discomforts of a parenting and faith transition led to discovering a calling. Join us as we discuss:


  • The circuitous process of adopting their fourth kid
  • The huge discomfort of adding another child while at the same time transitioning away from her families primary religious community
  • The journey to discard a fear-based model of parenting by asking better questions
  • How trusting, believing and enjoying the company of your children and who they are becoming brings about good choices for their life
  • The things that support their parenting transition and growth: a supportive parenting partner (“In it to win it!” – their motto as parenting partners); created a social safety net of friendships; learning by watching phenomenal mothers; creating their own community through volunteering; and doing activities with their kids to strengthen attachment
  • Discovering and following a calling through social work
  • Choosing to say “yes” to many opportunities to build a powerful network, and offering help to meet the needs of the community
  • Growing in resilience: becoming more comfortable with discomfort and ambiguity
  • Mistakes make us more human and we learn so much
  • Learning to nurture yourself with a self-compassionate voice
  • Parents: do your own work to make sure your cup is overflowing
  • The invitation to evolve and grow during transition

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Cher Anderton’s Contact Info:

  • Instagram: @cher_andertonllc
  • Facebook: @cheranderton
  • Website: cheranderton.com


Head over to her website for more info about her therapy practice and the parent education classes she’s currently offering. Cher is also developing a YouTube channel with short videos on Positive Discipline parenting techniques as well as building content for a Q&A style parenting video format.

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