003: Bryan Falchuk and learning to “Do a day”

Bryan Falchuk is a best-selling author, speaker and life coach. He has faced major adversities and learned how to overcome and achieve. From obesity to running marathons, from career struggles to success as a C-level executive, from watching illness threaten his family to finding lasting health, he has been through many lessons he used to develop his unique approach to inspiring others to find lasting change. Bryan’s work has been featured in several top publications like Inc. Magazine, The LA Times, Chicago Tribune and more. He has spoken at multiple TEDx events, and has been a featured guest on over 100 podcasts and radio shows. In this episode, Bryan joins me to discuss:


  • The impact of his parent’s divorce at 5 years old and becoming the “fat kid”
  • Losing weight, but not the pain or anxiety
  • How learned self-sufficiency and avoidance of the deeper work resulted in a unhappy, joyless existence
  • A crisis of purpose brought on by another crisis: his wife’s deathly illness
  • The big, life-altering questions that triggered change
  • A new approach for life: Doing a Day begins
  • The four pillars of discovering your true motivation
  • Mindful goals for healthy, daily living rooted in core values
  • The work of transforming your insides to provoke change outside
  • How keeping perspective during a transition begins with self-love
  • “It’s always only today”: learning to do what’s in front of you that is connected to your true motivation


Bryan’s Contact Info

Website: http://www.bryanfalchuk.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bryanfalchuk

Twitter: @bryanfalchuk (http://twitter.com/bryanfalchuk)

Instagram: @bryanfalchuk (http://instagram.com/bryanfalchuk)

TEDx Talk: http://www.doadaybook.com/tedxbergencc

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